History of the Foundation

The Trident Swim Foundation was founded in 2007 by Jeremy Fain, Alan Fishman, and Kristin Gary. All three shared a love for swimming and have always hoped to start an inner-city swim team program that would give urban kids the chance to learn the rewards of competitive swimming and academic discipline.

It was not until they met a teacher from George Washington High School in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City, that Trident Swim Foundation became a reality. The high school had a four lane pool and an administration who was excited to build an afterschool program.

Through connections to the college and the USA and Masters swimming community, the founders recruited a board of business and athletic leaders that would allow the Foundation to build its funding base and ensure the program's longevity.

The Foundation has been operating a Swimmer Scholar Program at George Washington High School since then. It continues to appreciate the support of the swimming community and the general public as it encourages academic and athletic excellence in all student participants.